Spectator tickets will be sold for two of the evenings Saturday 7th December and Sunday 8th Dec 2019. We would like to invite you for an experience of Argentine Tango festival.

CTF 2019 Tango-Wine Pairing Poster

7th DEC 2019 | SAT (Wine & Tango Pairing Affair)

Cape Tango Festival presents a Wine & Tango pairing experience, sommelier-guided wine tasting, with 5 wines, and 5 Argentine tango music pieces, followed by Argentine tango experience, and live tango performance.


This idea sprung from a lunch with wine and good conversation, while listening to sommelier Ali talk about wine, the depth of it, the different flavours, textures and colours.  And also about the tastes that only come in … afterwards. As an experienced Tango dancer, I realised that wine as an art form resonates deeply with my own form of art: the Argentinian Tango. I started playing with the Idea of pairing Wine to the music and dance of Tango.


To really dance the Tango, one needs to engage all 6 of our senses. “Tango Bliss” is that moment of intensity and oneness shared with a partner that can only happen when there is a physical and spiritual connection manifesting in a silent and unspoken conversation.  It is the same connection which combines the complexities and depths of a good wine with colour, taste and smell into a unique conversation with the drinker… With Tango it is an emotional experience; most profound in the silences between movements that can leave you in a maelstrom of emotion. With wine, our experience can be equally emotional if the joy of the first introduction is matched by its structure, character and promise…


A good Tango needs;

The Music: there are many layers to tango music and it is a complex matrix in its own right

The Dance: the freedom of improvising within the boundaries of the dance.

The space: will add a different character and layer to the dance

Time: life experience and maturity bring strong emotions and roundedness to dancers in the present

Ambience: is created by the space but also by the dancers and music

The dancers: interpret the dance, by bringing together the music, the space, flow of movement, and emotion of the present. They are the wine makers of the tango. The artists who bring the physical into the metaphysical

Cape Town Tango Ensemble

8th DEC 2019 | SUN (Cape Town Tango Ensemble)

Cape Tango Festival presents Cape Town Tango Ensemble, the only established Tango Ensemble in South Africa which specializes in the Argentinean Tango. Enjoy the music and live tango performance.

The SAMA nominated Cape Town Tango Ensemble is the only established Tango Ensemble in South Africa which specializes in the Argentinean Tango, covering various styles withing this genre, ranging from the old fashioned traditional tango style from the first half of 20th century to the Tango “Nuevo” synonymous to the famous Argentinean composer and Bandoneón virtuoso Astor Piazzolla.

Founded in 1996 the ensemble has included a number of distinguished Cape Town musicians, but it’s core members – all experts in their field are Stanislav Anguelov on accordion and Bandoneón, Albert Combrink on piano, Piet de Beer on violin and Charles Lazar on bass.

Cape Town Tango Ensemble returns to Cape Tango Festival for another concert and milonga. The evening will welcome those who love to listen to Tango music, allowing spectator audience to sit around the dance floor and enjoy some beautiful dance moves. Imagine you are sitting inside a Tango venue in Buenos Aires!