Help Grow Tango in Africa   Be part of this journey – Funds needed for our International Tango teachers and Students. We are hosting our 3rd annual Tango festival in Cape Town (4 – 9 Dec), tango lovers all around the world will be attending this event. Over the last 2 years, our two amazing International tango teachers, Sidney…

Workshop #7

“Let’s Get Hooked” Teacher: Sidney Grant Venue: Youngblood Description: How to hook “gancho” in a variety of ways to enhance your musicality as both leader & followers. This class will examine displacements and hooks as they relate to different music, including dynamic, timing, rhythm and nuance.

Workshop #6

“Quick-Quick-Slow” Teacher: Mario de Camillis Venue: Youngblood Description: We will examine how this particular rhythmic structure is valuable in a plentiful plethora of particular tango combinations, including ocho cortado, giros/molinetes (right and left) and work with different orchestras to reveal where this tempo/expression fits best.

Workshop #2

“YOU’RE SCREWED!” Teacher: Sidney Grant Venue: Youngblood Description: An examination of the corkscrew (“sacacorcho”) and it’s various rhythmic and aesthetic interpretations in the dance. The corkscrew is one of Sid’s FAVORITE qualities of movement in tango; you won’t want to miss this class, which will include how to end with a sandwich, volcada and cross—among…

Workshop #1

“Walk & Roll” Teacher: Sidney Grant Venue: Youngblood Description: Exploring various walking patterns inline and outside partner, including rhythmic variations, cross system and changes of direction… you’ll be walking and rolling in no time!