Unveiling the passion of the embrace without expectations and without limits, is this way of being and deep rediscovery and reinvention of the very being, through the Argentine Tango. 

I believe in the tango investment for one’s personality and talent, experiencing sensations and designs of an infinitely improvised dance. 

Graduated and with extensive experience participating in workshops and milongas in Buenos Aires, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, France, Myanmar, Mozambique, South Africa, since 2011. With tango practice since 2009, I am currently promoter of Milongas – events where rhythms like tango, milonga and vals are danced – fulfilling the mission of spreading the culture of tango through teaching oriented to different courses from the initiation to the practice and improvement of this dance. Socialization and openness to the community are the premises of the experience of the tango spirit, integrating all who wish to take a step towards (re) being in the art of tango, syncopated rhythm, poetry and complicity of a universal and unique tango language